Brum Project Test

When I first set out to expand my horizons in my own home town, I was to be content with finding nothing. What I found, to my surprise, was a series of images that I actually liked. What's more, as I played with them, I made a narrative. Something I had truly wished for, yet never dreamed of doing.


Birmingham, like many cities is changing. Gentrification is the buzz word for our blossoming century, but where are our places amongst these changes? The retro-fitted new restaurants; the latest vintage-looking technology; film in a digital age of film simulating filters. We'll bulldoze the old Paradise because we can build a new one that pays tribute the past. And so, we look forward.

In 2017 I was in a rut with photography. I didn’t seem to get inspired unless I was anywhere but home, but I never wanted to be a tourist. So, I decided to give myself a challenge. I had to prove myself that a good eye in photography could find interest and compositions wherever it looked. I took myself out of my front door every chance I had and shot what everything I could find. This has now become an ongoing dedication to myself and my city; to show the ups and downs of Birmingham life and discover my own evolving relationship with the my home and my art.